Calculate How Much Wallpaper Do You Need

Use our custom wallpaper calculator below to enter your wall dimensions

When looking to wallpaper, one of the very common questions asked is: “how much wallpaper do I need?” Although it can seem daunting, figuring out the area wall to cover is actually quite simple with our easy to use wallpaper calculator.

For a quick estimate, use our wallpaper calculator below. It will let you easily calculate the correct number of square meters you should order for your project.

Measure your wall(s) widest width and the highest height of your wall. Please do not add any additional width or height, as we automatically leave a small margin (3 cm) on each side to allow for any deviations and measurement inaccuracies.

To calculate, measure the wall you plan to install the wallpaper on.

Mural Wallpaper Calculator

Estimate your mural wallpaper quantity, square meters according to your wall measurements and add these units to your cart.

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