Looking for home décor inspo for your kid bedroom? Discover these heartwarming wallpaper ideas

Looking for home décor inspo for your kid bedroom? Discover these heartwarming wallpaper ideas

Adorn your kids' space with the cutest children's bedroom wallpaper ideas around!

Kids have different visions of how they want their bedrooms to look like, and those ideas are also often inspired by movies sets and fairy tales. By their nature, children are full of imagination, creative and full of energy. It is important, therefore, that the room in which your kids sleep and play be full of color and energy. That’s why a wallpaper mural for your child’s bedroom or nursery is the ideal option that will help you to create a stimulating and joyful atmosphere for your little one. Using beautiful and heartwarming wallpapers is the easiest way to transform a kid’s room from something predictable, into a wonderland room where they’ll enjoy to play and spend time in.

You can choose from a multitude of option when it comes to decorating the walls of your little’s one room. The children's room wallpaper variants we offer are addressed to all age categories, from new born, toddlers or those who are in their early years of school.

Using a palette of various colors and a diversity of patterns and textures is a great way to inspire little one minds, while older kids will love the idea to express their creativity with an impressive design of their own choice.

A children's bedroom wallpaper print reflecting images from nature will offer to your little one even more interest in outdoors exploring birds, animals and plants. So a wall covering can be used not only to delight, but also is a nice opportunity to educate your children. 

Children's room wall mural can transform the environment in which they live into an endless story. It can become a fantastic realm, a jungle trip, a great adventure or your favorite animation.  When something excites the kid’s attention and curiosity, whether it's a pet, cars, cartoon character, they can't get enough of their new interest. Encourage them to explore their favorite activities with a wallpaper that will fit their personality. 

If you want to give to your child’s bedroom a more neutral and minimalist look, you can opt for a wallpaper in a monochrome print. It can still be full of fun, but will not overload the décor. Also, pastel colors are a very popular choice for kids' bedrooms and they work great as an accent wall. And for the girls’ room, you can choose wallpapers with fairy tale images or floral print with a wide range of colorful designs. It's easier than ever to turn your little one's bedroom into a fairy tale full of cheerfulness and colors that your children will enjoy.

Get inspired by this selection of amazing wallpapers for creating a happy environment for your little one bedroom.

Blue Space Pattern Mural Wallpaper

A galaxy wallpaper mural will look amazing in your kid’s bedroom. The hand-painted stars and planets on a blue background will surely stimulate the imagination of your little one.

Magical Unicorn Pink Mural Wallpaper

The mural wallpaper décor with illustration of lovely cartoon unicorn on a pink background will create the cutest bedroom for your little girl. Your kids will love the joyful and peaceful feel that the dreamy unicorn mural brings to their room.

Fluffy Clouds Mural Wallpaper

Create the cutest nursery or child’s bedroom with this lovely clouds design. This dreamy cartoon illustration painted with soft blue tones will add a feeling of fun and joy to your kid’s room.

Cute Fox Pattern Mural Wallpaper

Discover a lovely mural wallpaper décor with illustration of cute cartoon fox on a blue background. Kids of all ages will love the joyful and unique feel that the cute fox mural wallcovering brings to their room.

Daisy Field Blue Pattern Mural Wallpaper

Add an unique feature wall into your child bedroom with our pretty flower wallpaper. This delicate mural wallpaper décor with illustration of lovely white flowers on a pastel blue background will add the perfect finish to your living space.

Penguins in Winter Wonderland Mural Wallpaper

Make your kids bedroom a winter wonderland! Show off your winter holiday spirit by transforming your little ones room with a winter landscape wall mural from Nova Wallpaper. This dreamy mural features a hand-painted winter wonderland in snow and a group of cute penguins.

Doodle Bohemian Tepee Mural Wallpaper

Create a funny and eye-catching living space for your little one with our doodle tepee wallpaper mural. Introduce simple design to your kids room with our doodle pattern wallpaper mural. This unique mural, in a minimalist black & cream colors, is perfect for a monochromatic interior.