Create a WOW statement factor in your living room with colorful wall murals

Create a WOW statement factor in your living room with colorful wall murals


The world is full of colors! If you also think that life is about using the whole box of colors, our full with colors wallpapers and wall murals we have chosen for you, will definitely become your favorites!

Multi colored wallpaper works perfectly in many different schemes and interior, starting with joyful nursery designs continuing to a bold and vivid living room setting. 

Are you looking to update your living room? Than you can transform your living space and create the ultimate feature wall with a full of colors wall mural. Whether you love the abstract designs or quiet, peaceful woodlands, or full of life and colors tropical forest there's a mural for everyone taste that will help you to reinvent your living room. Our impressive range of pastel and in vivid colors wall mural will create a living room you’ll want to spend time together as a family. Whether you prefer calming blue, exciting red, stylish pink, or natural green, you are certainly to find your favorite colorful wall mural that will easily inspire you. It will be a great experience to choose a living room wallpaper that fits your personality and color taste - from iconic color combinations like black & white to on-trend themes like pastels and designs in all the colors of the rainbow.

The colorful wallpaper models we have created for you will bring a new air to any home and will help you to revive your living room without too much hassle. You can find anything you enjoy and whatever you need for decorating your living room, whether you choose models in shades of cream, blue, pink, red or darker shades of brown and grey.

We invite you with us on a journey through the magic world of color to find the perfect colorful wall mural for creating a dreamy and vivid environment in your living room.

Exotic Flora Pattern Mural Wallpaper

A dark background complemented by details in deep green, yellow and pink will become a statement piece of your living room that will make you forget there is a wall behind the flowers!

Summer Flowers Watercolor Mural Wallpaper

Floral motifs do not go out of style with the season, so why do not spend your summer and winter in the midst of the flowering nature? You can choose the wallpaper for an accent wall, and paint the other walls of your living room in colors that highlight the shades of the wallpaper. The delicate flowers are suitable for the kitchen and living room, but also in the bedroom or nursery for a quiet atmosphere.


Almond Blossoms Mural Wallpaper

A modern décor does not just mean white and gray, without splashes of color. On the contrary, the daring arrangement of the walls is for those who are truly creative and original! This floral hand-painted wall mural, inspired by the famous Van Gogh painting, will add a soft and airy touch in any space – the delicate almond trees will transform your living room into a colorful floral story.

Morning Landscape Mural Wallpaper

The artistic interpretations of the nature will make you look at them with more interest when you go out for a walk. If you miss some details of the plants you see every day, our living room wallpaper will bring closer to you the fine lines and vibrant colors of the greenery.

Cranes Vintage Mural Wallpaper

You have probably seen the crane bird reinterpreted on mugs, carpets, shower curtains and many other decorations and accessories. Well, this list also includes wallpaper! These beautiful white birds symbolizes beauty, harmony, and grace. A crane pattern on the walls of your home can only inspire you in everyday life.